A delegation from the Economic Development Zone of Feixi County investigated the company's products and scientific research results
Recently, Lu Ge, member of the Standing Committee of the Feixi County Party Committee, deputy head, and first secretary of the Economic Development Zone of Feixi County, visited the company. General Manager Kong Lingjie warmly received and accompanied the inspection.
Leaders of Hefei Investment Promotion Bureau surveyed the Best R & D Center
On March 8, 2019, Zhu Shengli, deputy secretary general of the Hefei Municipal Government and director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and his party visited the product research and development center of Best Group. Research.
Best Group 2018 Highlights
On January 30, 2019, Best Group ’s annual meeting was successfully held!
The Fifth National Energy Storage Science and Technology Conference
From October 26 to 28, 2018, the Fifth National Energy Storage Science and Technology Conference was held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
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GRF-2000C/High temperature graphite furnace

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Product description
Product parameters

  Main features:

  This equipment is periodic operation type.

  Widely used in functional ceramics, optical materials, carbon composites, cemented carbides, powder metallurgy and so on to be sintered at high temperature, and can also be formed and sintered under the condition of aeration protection.



  Structure specification:

Furnace body



Double layer water sandwich structure.The inner wall is stainless steel polished and the outer wall is high quality carbon steel

The upper and lower flanges are welded into a cylindrical structure, and the flange plane is provided with a seal groove.

Adopt ring vacuum seal, and set up water cooling device (prevent aging due to excessive temperature ring)

Equipped with observation window and shield, air extraction hole, temperature measurement using tungsten-rhenium thermocouple

Furnace cover

Double layer water sandwich structure,equipped with observation holes, shielding and locking devices, opening devices, and water cooling devices.

Furnace bottom

Double layer water sandwich structure, water cooling devices

Furnace frame

The furnace body is placed on the box body with welded box structure of section steel and steel plate.

Vacuum unit


Connected by a direct pump, a diffuser pump, a manual butterfly valve, a vacuum pressure gauge, an inflatable valve, an air relief valve, a vacuum pipe and a pump

Quick joint connection with metal corrugated hose(Slow down the vibration)

Vacuum measured by a digital display composite vacuum gauge

Electric control


Silicon controlled temperature control, with a large current transformer, voltage regulator and temperature control instrument composed of temperature control execution circuit.

The circuit has the functions of water cut, overcurrent, overtemperature alarm and protection.

Temperature control


Using controllable silicon and digital display temperature control(Honeywell, USA)

P.I.D regulation, Super temperature sound and light alarm function

Water cooling


Consists of various pipe valves and other related devices. It has the function of water pressure underpressure, acousto-optic alarm of water cut off power supply automatically.

Gas system

The system is equipped with an air inlet and an outlet, which can be filled with atmosphere.

Heating element, heat shield


The heating body is fabricated into a cylindrical structure with domestic graphite electrode

The heat insulation screen adopts the composite structure of graphite cylinder and carbon felt. It has good thermal insulation property, uniform heating, large radiation surface, good heat resistance and impact resistance, and can be heated quickly.

Insulation layer and heater, easy to maintain and dismount, insulation jacket external stainless steel frame structure fixed.

Transformers and connecting copper bars

Use of transformers and copper bars matched with power


Gas charging and discharging system

The utility model consists of a variety of pipes and manual vacuum diaphragm valves, which facilitate the user to connect the gas path.


  Technical Parameters:


Power rated:20KW


Voltage rated: AC380V 508HZ

Working Temperature

Max. Temperature: 2000℃

Continuous working temperature: ≤1900℃

Temperature Controller

Digital display temperature programmed thermometer

Thyristor voltage regulator or Automatic chain protection control

Heating Elements

Graphite heater

Temperature measurment

Tungsten rhenium thermocouple

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1℃

Chamber size


Pressure rise rate


Charged pressure


0.1 Mpa(inflatable for Nitrogen,Argon,and mixed gas

Ultimate vacuum under cold state

6.67*10 -3pa


One year limited warranty with lifetime support  (Such consumable parts as silicon ring are NOT supported by the warranty)


CE Certified


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