A delegation from the Economic Development Zone of Feixi County investigated the company's products and scientific research results
Recently, Lu Ge, member of the Standing Committee of the Feixi County Party Committee, deputy head, and first secretary of the Economic Development Zone of Feixi County, visited the company. General Manager Kong Lingjie warmly received and accompanied the inspection.
Leaders of Hefei Investment Promotion Bureau surveyed the Best R & D Center
On March 8, 2019, Zhu Shengli, deputy secretary general of the Hefei Municipal Government and director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and his party visited the product research and development center of Best Group. Research.
Best Group 2018 Highlights
On January 30, 2019, Best Group ’s annual meeting was successfully held!
The Fifth National Energy Storage Science and Technology Conference
From October 26 to 28, 2018, the Fifth National Energy Storage Science and Technology Conference was held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
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Single station rapid annealing furnace
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Single station rapid annealing furnace

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the whole equipment composed of single-end sealed infrared sliding furnace, motor speed control device, high vacuum unit, gas inlet and outlet and operation control interface. The internal control thermocouple is used to control the temperature in the RTP slide rail furnace and the servo motor is used to control The rotating speed of the screw rod can accurately control the removal speed of the furnace tube (sample), which is used to adjust the cooling rate of the furnace tube (sample), on the contrary, a faster heating rate can be obtained; the outlet is connected by a manual baffle Valves and bellows are used to obtain the vacuum in the quartz chamber. In addition to the protective gas or reaction gas, the air inlet can also be used to quickly cool down the heat after removing the furnace, so as to obtain a higher temperature Cooling rate.




(1)single-end sealed infrared sliding furnace

The heating system adopts international advanced manufacturing technology, novel shape and reasonable structure, the furnace body and the furnace tube can be automatically separated, the furnace body is designed in two halves, and the pneumatic spring support structure allows the operator to open freely from all angles, safe and reliable. The furnace is made of high-density pure alumina poly light fiber material by vacuum adsorption molding, and the surface is coated with a high-reflectivity ultra-high temperature protective coating. In addition to maintaining the minimum energy loss, it can also enhance high-temperature stability and effectively reduce heat loss .

(2)motor speed control device

The servo motor speed control device is used to control the rotation speed of the screw rod to achieve the overall movement speed of the furnace tube (including the sample), in order to adjust the target rate of rapid temperature rise and fall, the motor rotation speed is displayed in real time and is accurately controllable, Obtain accurate moving speed to meet the requirements of process parameters when cooling down.

(3)high vacuum unit

   It is mainly equipped with DRV-10 vacuum mechanical pump and KYKY molecular pump . It is empty furnace, cold state, clean, from the start of the pump to 100Pa ≤10min, pressure rise rate ≤5Pa / min.



(4)gas control

equipped with one channel flow controller for atmospheric sintering under vacuum, and for passing a certain amount of gas during the cooling process to achieve the target cooling rate.




(5)Industrial control computer and operating system:

Man-machine interface plus PLC control, 10-inch LCD screen control, the display can directly display vacuum degree, gas flow, thermocouple temperature, motor rotation speed and other information.


1. The base is fixed by the rotating method of Foma wheel, which is convenient for fixing and moving;
2. The height of the equipment requires the operating platform to be 700 mm above the ground, which is convenient for platform operation.
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