A delegation from the Economic Development Zone of Feixi County investigated the company's products and scientific research results
Recently, Lu Ge, member of the Standing Committee of the Feixi County Party Committee, deputy head, and first secretary of the Economic Development Zone of Feixi County, visited the company. General Manager Kong Lingjie warmly received and accompanied the inspection.
Leaders of Hefei Investment Promotion Bureau surveyed the Best R & D Center
On March 8, 2019, Zhu Shengli, deputy secretary general of the Hefei Municipal Government and director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, and his party visited the product research and development center of Best Group. Research.
Best Group 2018 Highlights
On January 30, 2019, Best Group ’s annual meeting was successfully held!
The Fifth National Energy Storage Science and Technology Conference
From October 26 to 28, 2018, the Fifth National Energy Storage Science and Technology Conference was held at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
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电阻真空计 INFICON Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge

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  This is a Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (EQ-PGC-554) combines the patented ceramic capacitance diaphragm sensor technology with the advantages of a Pirani gauge in a single product. In the measurement range between 10 mbar and atmosphere, the capacitance diaphragm technology provides gas-type independent, highly accurate values for reliable pressure measurement.

  With the need to factor gas type dependency into the pressure reading output being eliminated, risks of explosions in tube vessels or other chambers due to incorrect display of pressure AND/OR negligence of adjustment for gas types ARE GREATLY REDUCED.


Designed and made by Switzerland-based INFICON

Gas-type independent above 10 mbar - allows safe venting with any gas mixture

High accuracy and reproducibility at atmosphere for reliable atmospheric pressure detection

Fast atmospheric detection eliminates waiting time and shortens process cycle

Versatile mounting orientation provides engineering freedom in tool design

fully ceramic coated sensor unit for highly corrosive applications

Easy to exchange plug & play sensor element with onboard calibration data guarantees high reproducibility and low cost of ownership        

Power Connection

9 pins D-sub connector. 

Power Adapter

One 15 VDC power adapter is included and ready to use. Input voltage for the adapter is 110~240 V.

Measurement Range

3.8E-5 to 1125 Torr.


​5×10-4 … 1×10-3 mbar (N2) ±50% of reading

1×10-3 … 100 mbar (N2) ±15% of reading 

100 … 950 mbar ±5% of reading 

950 … 1050 mbar ±2.5% of reading 


Digital display (20x14 mm) with measurement unit Torr 

Gauge Fitting

Small Foot-Print with KF16 port


46 mm×28 mm×126 mm (L x W x H)

Shipping Weight

5 lbs


One year limited manufacturer warranty, please contact  vc.service.usa@inficon.com for information.

In the case of severe contamination or malfunction, the sensor can be replaced, please read the instruction for details. Replacement sensor is offered at $574/each)


The pressure gauge is manufactured calibrated base on PTB / METAS (German / Swiss NIST) standards. Calibration data is available upon request.

Application Notes

General vacuum measurement and control in the Medium Vacuum Range (Range 1.0E-4 Torr to ATM).

Pirani gauges used in a clean environment can effectively operate above 5.0E-5 Torr range. 

If your tool requires effective reading in the 1.0E-5 Torr or lower, please select Pirani/Cold Cathode gauge with measurement range from 3.75E-9 to 760 Torr

Optional: M14 to KF16 adapter is needed for the use with MTI vacuum flanges, please click pic below to order replacement part

By connecting to a set of Solenoid Valves, this gauge can also be used with a pressure control system to keep the pressure constant in a vacuum system.


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